Kozmo Mimzi is an educational art theater that provides creative workshops and performances. Lee offers unique workshops at local libraries, schools, malls and any events that offers the opportunity for art.

Lee Michael Walczuk

is an artist & educator on the Big Island of Hawai'i. He creates environments for creative exploration to understand how to play and discover new possabilities.

Lee offers private classes & open workshops for children of all ages. His work is rooted in the process of open creativity and spontaneous exploration. 


It was in 1970, when Lee Michael Walczuk met Jerzy Grotowski who told Walczuk to, “Come to Poland.” Indeed, eleven years later after finally leaving California, Walczuk found himself in Opole, Poland. Ironically, this was precisely when Grotowski escaped Poland’s political changes to reside in California.

Yet, even now, in this 21st Century Lee Michael still believes, ” I am a child of the Poor Theatre in the spirit of Grotowski.”


Lee Michael Walczuk resides on the Big Island of Hawai'i with his beautiful wife, Renata. Together they run a media studio & Tour company. He currently is the art teacher at Laupahoehoe Charter School. You can see his work on the Laupahoehoe Hui HERE.

You can contact Lee at Kozmomimzi@gmail.com

The River
The wall of masks